Where’d My Saturday Morning Go?

•February 4, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Anyone who was born before 1993 remembers the true Saturday morning cartoons. Whether you’re a 17 year old surfer in California or a 35 year old businessman in New York, chances are when you rolled out of bed before the rest of your family on Saturday morning you went straight to the television to catch your favorite shows from about 9am to 11am. My generation had morning lineups that included Animaniacs, Goof Troop, and X-Men. Years later it would move to classics such as Recess, Pepper Ann, and The Weekenders. However, todays children do not get the luxury of rising early to these great shows. Instead, their Saturday mornings consists of The Emperor’s New School, which is just a spinoff of a lousy Disney movie; Sonic X, which is not nearly as good as the original Sonic; and The Replacements, which, after researching, I dare any teenager or older to sit through. That is basically then end of their morning cartoons. They must move onto non-animated shows like That’s So Raven which is about a sassy teenage girl and Hannah Montana which is about a sassy teenage girl, who part times as a rock star.

 It doesn’t just end on Saturdays. In general, cartoons today lack the overall appeal of those from the 80s, 90s and a little after. Where are the cartoons that my parents could sit down and enjoy with me like Pinky and the Brain or Ren n Stimpy? What happened to the great, simple cartoons that I still search for on youtube like Doug and Hey Arnold? Aside from the continuing excellence of Spongebob Squarepants, can any cartoon truely compare to CatDog or the Rugrats? Older generations may believe that no cartoon will compare to those of Bugs Bunny and the Looney Toones, but they can at least appreciate who our generation of “children being raised by television”, were being raised by.


Modern Family

•January 28, 2010 • 1 Comment

ABC’s hit new show Modern Family is making its mark as one of the best shows on television. By integrating the “mockumentary” approach of The Office and the comedy styling of Arrested Development  this hilarious new sitcom is a must-see.

The show follows three different stories of one family. The grandfather, Jay, played by Married with Children’s Ed O’neill and his young latina wife and her son, who happens to be the funniest character on the show and possibly on television. As well as the lives of Jay’s homosexual son and his partner, and Jay’s daughter and her family. The different dynamics of the show keep it fresh and new from week to week. By following the stereotypical older man/younger wife couple, a gay couple, and a typical family the show is able to incorporate many different plotlines and comical situations. If you are a fan of the no laugh track hilarious comedies sweeping through America, then catch Modern Family on Wednesday nights on ABC.